Best Golden Games

The advancement in smartphone technology has revolutionized the field by making games easily accessible to global fans. These games can now be played on almost all mobile phones in existence and have resultantly seen a popularity surge in recent years. A few such games are mentioned here that have been loved by fans for multiple years now.

1.Angry Birds

The first game on our list is Angry Birds which still carries unparalleled fame and many other gaming titles have tried to follow its concept. The game features a wide variety of colorful birds that are launched by players from their bases to attack the opponents with the aim of causing maximum damage to the enemy base and eventually destroying them altogether. The side that destroys the enemy first turns out as the winner.

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Which games are the best brain boosters?

According to a research, it has been concluded that action video games that feature quickly moving targets are cluttered and which require the player of the game to make rapid and accurate decisions are very beneficial when it comes to improving brain procession and overall cognitive functions. While comparing it with brain games, it was noticed that action video games enhance the overall functionality of the brain while brain games only improve cognitive function.

2. Candy Crush

This game is the most favorite among kids primarily due to the reason that it features a wide variety of colorful candies of various shapes and sizes that captivate the attention of young players. The game level is successfully completed once the player combines all identical candies and consumes them up. The game has been loved by players on both iOS and Android platforms.

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3. PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of the world-famous PC game PUBG has launched a few years ago and has been the favorite of millions of players from around the globe. 100 players jump from a plane at the start of each session and show their competence while braving the rough terrain and fierce competition till the end to turn out as the winner.

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The winner is awarded reward points and several new items that can be used during the next sessions. A highly useful in-game shop also exists for players who are interested in buying items.

4. Call Of Duty Mobile

This first-person shooter mobile game carries millions of downloads and active players. COD Mobile is currently the most favorite game among a number of players globally due to the rich graphic content featured by it. Gamers can choose from a wide variety of available options and the various maps featured in the game add to the overall experience.

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5. Clash Of Clans

This strategy-based game requires players to build various structures to generate revenue which is then used for training armies that not only defend their base but also attack the opponents and destroy them to show supremacy.

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6. CSR 2

Car drag racing enthusiasts from around the world are very well familiar with CSR 2 due to the great attention to detail and the large variety of cars and upgrades available in this game. Players race against opponents belonging to various tiers and win levels to earn trophies.

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7. Fallout Shelter

The last title on our list of the golden games is the Fallout Shelter which is more than five years old but is still loved by fans. Players are required to build an underground shelter that serves the purpose of providing accommodation to individuals and thereby providing them employment opportunities.

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A wide variety of structure options exist that the players can choose from and thereby construct the required items to keep the shelter in running state.

Final verdict

These are some of the best golden games out there that have stood the test of time.